Lower Elementary Classroom (6-9) - Printed Curriculum & Value Line Material
Lower Elementary Classroom (6-9) with Curriculum Materials

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Updated June, 2020

Package comes with:

L01 Lowercase Sandpaper Letters: Print
L07 Small Moveable Alphabets with Box
L11 Grammar Symbols & Solid w/Base
L15 Sentence Analysis: First Chart and Box (Made In Thailand) L16 Sentence Analysis and Charts: Box 2 L22 Detective Adjective Exercise
L30 Grammar Symbols PL22 Grammar Boxes PL23 Grammar Filling Boxes
PL24 Grammar Command Boxes
Printed Language:
L11.02 L11.02 Grammar Symbol Nomenclature Cards L22.C Detective Adjective Task Cards L41 Montessori Green Language Series (Printed)
L49 Farm Game Labels L53 Verb Conjugation Irregular Verbs (6-9) L107 Word Mechanics
L119 Function of Words L120 Word Study L132 Grammar Box Sentences & Cards
L155 Sight Words L177 History of Writing and Writing Tools L180 Sentence Analysis Level
L192 Grammar Command Cards L260 Language and Reading Cards: Animals L261 Verb Tenses Review
L272 Verb Conjugation L407 Comprehensive Reading Program 1 L408 Command Cards
L409 Action Cards L410 Comprehensive Reading Program 2
M14 Addition Strip Board M15 Subtraction Strip Board M159 Geometric Hierarchy of Numbers
M16 Multiplication Board M17 Division Board M26 Decanomial Bead Box (55 in a Box)
M28 Stamp Game M29 Large Fraction Skittles M30 Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles
M32 Addition Snake Game M33 Subtraction Snake Game M38 Decimal Stamp Game
M43 Pythagoras Board M55.i Insets for Stands for Metal Fraction Circles (1/1 - 1/10) M55.S Stands for Metal Fraction Circles (1/1 - 1/10)
M56.i Insets for Metal Squares and Rectangles M56.S Stands for Metal Squares and Rectangles M64 Small Bead Frame
M65 Large Bead Frame M68 Banker Game M69 Checker Board
M70 Checker Board Number Tiles w/Box M71 Checker Board Beads (7MM) M72 Bead Material for Bead Cabinet
M73 Bead Cabinet M74 Addition Working Charts M75 Subtraction Working Charts
M76 Long Division Material M79 Multiplication Working Charts M80 Division Working Charts
M92 Golden Bead Material (8 mm Individual Acrylic Beads, Plastic Cards) M95 Flat Bead Frame M97 Algebraic (Square Root) Peg Board
M98 m98 Algebraic (Square Root) Pegs M104 Printed Arrows for Complete Bead Material M177 Geometric Stick Material and Cork Board
M202 Decimal Fraction Board and Exercise
M222 Classroom Measurement Set PM81 Dot Exercise
PM26.C Multiplication Snake Game (Premium Quality) S16 Constructive Triangles S38 Geometric Cabinet
S46 Geometric Solids with Bases and Planes
Printed Mathematics:
M14.A Addition Strip Board Activity-1 M14.B Addition Strip Board Activity-2 (Printed) M16.01 Multiplication Board Activity Set
M17.01 Division Board Exercise Cards M23 Math Activity Cards M28.01 Stamp Game Activity Set (Printed)
M30.01 Fraction Activity Set M32.A Addition Snake Game Charts M33.A Subtraction Snake Game Charts
M43.01 Pythagoras Board Exercise Set M55.A Fraction Circle Mute Cards and Arrows (Printed) M64.01 Small Bead Frame Paper (Printed)
M64.02 Small Bead Frame Exercise Set M65.01 Large Bead Frame Paper (Printed) M65.02 Large Bead Frame Activity Set
M69.01 Checker Board Exercise Set PM81.02 Dot Exercise Sheets M92.01 Introduction to the Decimal System (1A and 1B) (Printed)
M92.02 Golden Bead Material: Activity Sets 2 & 3B M92.03 Golden Bead Materials (Quantity and Symbol) Addition Activity Set #2 (2A-2D) (Printed) M92.04 Golden Bead Materials (Quantity) Subtraction Activity Set #1 (A1-D1) (Printed)
M92.05 Golden Bead Materials (Quantity and Symbol) Subtraction Activity Set #2 (A1-D1) (Printed) M95.01 Flat Bead Frame Exercise Sets M97.01 Algebraic Square Root Peg Board Exercise Set
M114 Measurement Command Cards M182 Classified Geometry Nomenclature Cards M263 Measurement Curriculum Level 6-12
M265.C Level 1 Geometry Activity Cards M301 Telling Time Set
F08 Geography Map Cabinet (Made in Thailand) G01 Puzzle Map of the World (Comes with Control Charts) G02 Puzzle Map of North America (Comes with Control Charts)
G03 Puzzle Map of South America (Comes with Control Charts) G04 Puzzle Map of Africa (Comes with Control Charts) G05 Puzzle Map of Asia (Comes with Control Charts)
G06 Puzzle Map of Europe (Comes with Control Charts) G07 Puzzle Map of USA (Comes with Control Charts) G08 Puzzle Map of Australia (Comes with Control Charts)
G12 Land and Water Form Trays G13 Sandpaper Land and Water Form Cards G14 Parts of the World Globe
G31 Flag Stand of North and South America
Printed Geography:
G12.02 Land and Water Forms Nomenclature Cards G42 Flags of the World Nomenclature Cards G124 Geography Impressionistic Charts
G184.02 Geography Classified Nomenclature Cards
SC19 Metamorphic Rock Collection SC20 Igneous Rock Collection SC21 Mineral Collection
SC22 Sedimentary Rock Collection SC112 Deluxe Slide Making Kit - Plastic a> SC128 PChem C500
Printed Science:
B41 Botany Impressionistic Charts SC90 Who am I? (Plant Cards) SC91 Who am I? (Animal Cards)
SC133 Classified Nomenclature of Internal Parts of Vertebrates SC143 Classified Nomenclature of External Parts of Vertebrates SC144 Lower Elementary Botany Nomenclature Cards
SC151.02 Shapes of Leaves, Margins of Leaves, Venations of Leaves (6-9) SC339 Animals Nomenclature Cards SC341 Classification of Vertebrates & Invertebrates Nomenclature Cards
SC342 Invertebrates Classification Nomenclature Cards SC343 Living Things Nomenclature Cards SC344 Plants Nomenclature Cards
SC346 Vertebrates Classification Nomenclature Cards SC357 Invertebrates Nomenclature Cards SC358 Vertebrates Nomenclature Cards
SC360 Classification of Living and Non-living SC362 Non-Living Things Nomenclature Cards SC375 Amphibians Nomenclature Cards
SC376 Protoctista Nomenclature Cards SC377 Reptiles Nomenclature Cards SC378 Mammals Nomenclature Cards
SC379 Birds Nomenclature Cards SC380 Fish Nomenclature Cards SC381 Insect Nomenclature Cards
SC382 Mollusks Nomenclature Cards SC383 Arthropods Nomenclature Cards SC384 Echinoderms Nomenclature Cards
SC385 Arachnids Nomenclature Cards SC386 Crustaceans Nomenclature Cards SC387 Fungi Nomenclature Cards
SC388 Bacteria Nomenclature Cards
Printed Zoology:
Z02.02 Parts of a Bird Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed) Z04.02 Parts of a Turtle Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed) Z08.02 Parts of a Butterfly Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed)
Z10.02 Parts of a Fish Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed) Z12.02 Parts of a Frog Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed) Z13.02 Parts of a Horse Nomenclature Cards (6-9) (Printed)
Timelines and Charts:
CM43 Fundamental Human Needs Chart G275.SET Solar System Chart M265 Seven Triangles of Reality Matrix Control and Mute Charts
SC134 The Five Kingdoms Chart SC138 Plant Kingdom Chart SC139 Animal Kingdom Chart with Cards- Invertebrate/Vertebrates
SC148 The Three Domains SC149 The Six Kingdoms Chart SC151 Leaf Chart
SC352 Animal Kingdom Chart with Cards: Vertebrates TL01.SET Timeline of Numerals Complete Set TL02 Timeline of Communication
TL03.SET Timeline of Ancient Civilizations Complete Set TL05.SET Timeline of Life - Complete Set TL26.SET Timeline of Hominids Complete Set
TL14.PLB Stages of Progression of Civilization (Printed and Laminated Booklets) TL17 BC/AD Timeline TL20 Clock of Era Complete Set

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