Value Line Lower Elementary Classroom (6-9)-with Montessori Research & Development Manuals Package
Lower Elementary Classroom (6-9) with Curriculum Materials

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Package comes with:

L01 Lowercase Sandpaper Letters: Print
L07 Small Moveable Alphabets with Box
L62 Grammar Boxes
PL24 Grammar Command Boxes
PL23 Grammar Filling Boxes L30 Grammar Symbols
L11 Grammar Symbols & Solid w/Base
L22 Detective Adjective Exercise L16 Sentence Analysis and Chart: Box 2
M161 Yellow Triangles for Area M222 Classroom Measurement Set M115 Color Bead Stair
M43 Pythagoras Board M92 Golden Bead Material (8 mm Individual Acrylic Beads, Plastic Cards) M11 Teen Boards
M39 Tens Bead Box
M40 Teen Bead Box M12 Tens Boards
M74 Addition Working Charts M75 Subtraction Working Charts M79 Multiplication Working Charts
M80 Division Working Charts M81 Dot Exercise M32 Addition Snake Game
M33 Subtraction Snake Game M73 Bead Cabinet M72 Bead Material for Bead Cabinet
M104 Printed Arrows for Complete Bead Material M26 Decanomial Bead Box (55 in a Box)
M28 Stamp Game
M16 Multiplication Board M17 Division Board M14 Addition Strip Board
M15 Subtraction Strip Board M64 Small Bead Frame M65 Large Bead Frame
M95 Flat Bead Frame M29-5 Large Fraction Skittles (Set of 5) M55 Metal Fraction with Stands
M30 Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles M69 Checker Board M68 Banker Game
M76 Long Division Material M97 Algebraic (Square Root) Peg Board M202 Decimal Fraction Board and Exercise
S38 Geometric Cabinet S16 Constructive Triangles S46 Geometric Solids with Bases and Planes
M177 Geometric Stick Material and Cork Board
S56 Circles, Squares and Triangles M98 Algebraic (Square Root) Pegs
G42 Flags of the World Nomenclature Cards G10 Globe of the World G11 Sandpaper Globe
CR12 Map Set with Cabinet G31 Flag Stand of North and South America
SC19 Metamorphic Rock Collection SC20 Igneous Rock Collection SC22 Sedimentary Rock Collection
SC128 Chem C500
SC127 Physics Discovery
F65 Three Tier Wooden Shelf
ME.BIO Biology Manual
(Vol. 1) & (Vol. 2)
ME.H1 Elementary- History Manual (Vol. 1) ME.G2 Geography Manual (Vol. 2)
ME.GEO Geology Manual ME.GY2 Geometry Manual (Vol. 2) ME.GY1 Geometry Manual (Vol. 1)
ME.G1 Geography Manual (Vol. 1) ME.Z1 Zoology Manual (Vol. 1) ME.B2 Botany Manual (Vol. 2)
ME.Z2 Zoology Manual (Vol. 2) ME.B1 Botany Manual (Vol. 1) ME.CH Chemistry Manual
ME.F1 Fraction Manual (Vol. 1) ME.F2 Fraction Manual (Vol. 2) ME.FG Functional Geography Manual, Elementary
ME.H2 History Manual (Vol. 2) ME.H3 History Manual (Vol. 3) ME.LA1 Language Arts Manual (Vol. 1)
ME.LA2 Language Arts Manual (Vol. 2) ME.LA3 Language Arts (Vol. 3) ME.LA4 Language Arts (Vol. 4)
ME.LA5 Language Arts Manual (Vol. 5) ME.M1 Math Manual (Vol.1) ME.M2 Math Manual (Vol.2)
ME.M3 Math Manual (Vol.3) ME.M4 Math Manual (Vol.4)
Curriculum Materials
AE.01 The Solar System, Elementary AE.02 The Solar System Powerpoint BE.01 The Five Kingdoms Chart
BE.02 Animal Kingdom Charts BE.03 Kingdom Chart/ Plants BE.04 The Fungus Kingdom Chart
BE.04D The Fungus Kingdom Chart BE.09 Domain Charts BE.33 Botany Elementary Nomenclature
BE.43 Zoology Elementary Nomenclature BE.52 Plant Cell BE.53 Animal Cell
BE.54 Prokaryote Cell BE.55 Eukaryotic Cell BE.76 Main Characteristics of the Vertebrates
BE.84 The Water Cycle CE.01 First 20 Elements CE.02 Periodic Charts of the Elements
CE.03 Parts of the Atom GE.02 Land and Water Forms, Elementary GE.03 Continents & Oceans, Elementary
GE.04 Flag Parts, Elementary GE.05 Types of Clouds, Elementary GE.06 Volcano Parts, Elementary
GE.07 Layers and Crust of the Earth, Elementary GE.15 Compass Nomenclature Cards GME.03 Geometry Elementary Nomenclature
HE.01 Hour Timeline HE.02 The Year and its Parts HE.03 Calendar
HE.04 Nomenclature-Days of the Week HE.05 Nomenclature-Months of the Year HE.06 Timeline BC/AD
HE.09 The Three Fundamental Tenses LAE.01 Word Study Complete LAE.10 Grammar Symbol Nomenclature
BE.81 Parts of the Birds
Montessori Curriculum Materials

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