"Run Like The Wind" Package (Premium Quality) + Printed Materials
"Run Like The Wind" Package (Premium Quality)

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Recommended Age Group: 3-6 yrs.
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Product Description

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Updated: March, 2020

Package comes with:

PF07 Stand for Red Rods PM01 Binomial Cube PM02 Trinomial Cube
PS01 Knobbed Cylinder Blocks PS02 Pink Tower PS02.C Stand for the Pink Tower
PS03 Broad/Brown Stair PS04 Red Rods PS05 Knobless Cylinders
PS06 Constructive Triangles PS07 Blue Constructive Triangles PS08 Rough and Smooth Boards
PS09 Color Box 1 PS10 Color Box 2 PS11 Color Box 3
PS13 Grading Tablets PS14 Sound Boxes PS15 Geometric Solids with Bases & Planes
PS16 Baric Tablets PS16.A Thermic Tablets PS17 Mystery Stereognostic Bag
PS18 Geometric Cabinet PS19 Demonstration Tray PS19.A Wooden Tray & Cards for Demonstration Tray
PS20 Cards for Geometric Cabinet PS21 Cabinet for Geometric Cards PS23 Blindfold
PS24 Fabric Box PS26 Pressure Cylinders PS27 Smelling Bottles
PS28 Tasting Bottles PF06 Spare Parts Kit
L448.PINK Plastic Cabinet for Pink Series L448.BLUE Plastic Cabinet for Blue Series L448.GREEN Plastic Cabinet for Green Series
L167 Lowercase Print Tracing Board PL01 Lowercase Sandpaper Letters: Print PL01.C Lowercase Sandpaper Letters: Cursive
PL04 Uppercase Sandpaper Letters: Print PL04.C Uppercase Sandpaper Letters: Cursive PL05 Sandpaper Double Letters: Print
PL06.B Small Movable Alphabets (Red with Blue Vowels) PL09 Large Movable Alphabets: Print PL12 Metal Insets with Stands
PL12.A Metal Inset Tray PL12.B Wall Frame for Metal Insets PL14 Small Paper Box (14 cm x 14 cm)
PL16 Eleven Colored Pencil Holders PL21 Introduction to Noun and Verb Solids PL28 The Farms
Printed Language File:
L39 Montessori Pink Language Series L40 Montessori Blue Language Series L41 Montessori Green Language Series
L63 Noun Cards Complete Set L156 Metal Insets Nomenclature Cards (Printed) L212 Emotions
L213 Verbs: Actions L214 A Day in a Child's Life L215 Nouns: Things at School
L216 Facial Expressions L219 Nouns: Everyday Objects L220 Nouns: Food
L222 Things That Go Together L224 Opposites/Adjectives L225 Transportation
L227 Sorting and Classifying L281 Nouns: Children’s Clothing L284 Careers: People in My Neighborhood
L303 Adjective Picture Cards L432 Language Classification Cards L433 Whole to Part Matching Cards
L434 Rhyming Labels L435 Picture to Silhouette Matching L436 Opposites Labels
L437 Picture to Outline Matching L438 Figure-Ground Matching Cards L439 Association Cards: Things That Go Together
L440 Color Matching Labels L615 Rhyming Words Nomenclature Cards
PF07 Stand for Number Rods PM05 Number Rods PM07 Sandpaper Numbers
PM08.1 Teen Boards PM08.2 Tens Boards PM08.A Teen Beads Box
PM08.B Tens Bead Box PM08.C Colored Bead Stairs Hanger PM08.D Teen Bead Hanger
PM09 Spindle Boxes With 45 Spindles PM10 Addition Strip Board PM11 Subtraction Strip Board
PM12 Multiplication Board PM13 Division Board PM14.A Introduction to Decimal Quantity
PM18 Golden Bead Ten Bars PM20.A Introduction to Decimal System (Exchange Game) PM25.B Golden Bead Material (8mm Acrylic individual bead, p/cards)
PM26 Addition Snake Game PM26.B Subtraction Snake Game PM32 Small Bead Frame
PM33 Large Bead Frame PM34 Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles PM35 Bead Cabinet
PM35.AR Printed Arrows for Complete Bead Material PM36 Bead Material for Bead Cabinet PM40.A Large Wooden Number Cards (1-9000)
PM40.C Small Wooden Number Cards (1-9000) PM41 Cut-out Numerals with Counters PM45 Small Numeric Rods
PM46 Stamp Game PM53 Hundred Board M29 Large Fraction Skittles (Made in Thailand)
Printed Math Files:
M11.A Teen Boards & Beads Activities (10-19) M12.A Tens Boards & Beads Activities (20-29) M12.B Tens Boards & Beads Activities (30-39)
M12.C Tens Boards & Beads Activities (40-49) M12.D Tens Boards & Beads Activities (50-59) M12.E Tens Boards & Beads Activities (60-69)
M12.F Tens Boards & Beads Activities (70-79) M12.G Tens Boards & Beads Activities (80-89) M12.H Tens Boards & Beads Activities (90-99)
M13.C Hundred Board Activity Set M14.A MAddition Strip Board Activity-1 (Printed) M14.B Addition Strip Board Activity-2 (Printed)
M16.01 Multiplication Board Activity Set M17.01 Extension to Short Bead Stair Chart M28.01 Division Board Exercise Cards
M30.01 Fraction Activity Set M32.A Addition Snake Game Charts M33.A Subtraction Snake Game Charts
M39.A Tens Beads Activity Cards M39.B Tens Boards Activity Cards M64.01 Small Bead Frame Paper
M64.02 Small Bead Frame Exercise Set M65.01 Large Bead Frame Paper M65.02 Large Bead Frame Activity Set
M81.01 Dot Exercise Sheets M92.01 Introduction to the Decimal System M92.02 Golden Bead Material: Activity Sets 2 & 3B
M92.03 Golden Bead Material Addition Activity Cards M92.04 Golden Bead Materials (Quantity) Subtraction Activity Set #1 (A1-D1) (Printed) M92.05 Golden Bead Materials (Quantity and Symbol) Subtraction Activity Set #2 (A1-D1) (Printed)
M115.A Extension to Short Bead Stair Chart M115.B Short Bead Stair Combination Activity Set-1 M115.C Metal Fraction Circles with Stands
M265.C Level 1 Geometry Activity Cards S17.01 Blue Constructive Triangles Exercise Set S38.01 M Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature Cards
S38.A Charts for Geometric Cabinet Drawers S38.04.PL Geometric Cabinet Control Chart S46.01 Geometric Solids Nomenclature Cards 3-6 (Printed)
PB01.NA North American Botany Leaf Cabinet (Premium Quality) PB08 Parts of a Leaf Puzzle PB09 Parts of a Tree Puzzle
PB10 Parts of a Flower Puzzle PB17 Cabinet for three Botany Puzzles
Printed Botany:
B01.01 Types of Leaves Nomenclature Cards B02.01 Parts of a Tree Nomenclature Cards B03.01 Parts of a Leaf Nomenclature Cards
B04.01 Parts of a Flower Nomenclature Cards B05.01 Parts of a Seed Nomenclature Cards B11.01 Parts of a Root Nomenclature Cards
B12.01 Parts of a Branch Nomenclature Cards B21.01 Parts of a Fruit B45.01 Type of Stem Nomenclature Cards
B46.01 Parts of a Plant Nomenclature Cards (Printed) B47.01 Type of Buds Nomenclature Cards
PB11 Parts of a Horse Puzzle PB12 Parts of a Fish Puzzle PB13 Parts of a Bird Puzzle
PB14 Parts of a Frog Puzzle PB15 Parts of aTurtle Puzzle PB16 Parts of a Butterfly Puzzle
PB18 Cabinet for Zoology Puzzles
Printed Zoology:
Z02.01 Parts of a Bird Nomenclature Cards (3-6) (Printed) Z04.01 Parts of a Turtle Nomenclature Cards Z08.01 Parts of a Butterfly Nomenclature Cards
Z10.01 Parts of a Fish Nomenclature Cards Z12.01 Parts of a Frog Nomenclature Cards Z13.01 Parts of a Horse Nomenclature Cards
Z14.01 Life Cycle of a Ladybug Cards Z14.A Life Cycle of a Ladybug Nomenclature Cards Z15.01 Life Cycle of An Ant Nomenclature Cards
Z15.A Life Cycle of an Ant Cards Z16.01 Life Cycle of a Butterfly Nomenclature Cards Z16.A Life Cycle of a Butterfly Cards
Z33.01 Life Cycle of an Earthworm Nomenclature Cards (Printed) Z33.A Life Cycle of an Earth Worm Cards (Printed) Z34.01 Life Cycle of A Frog Cards
Z34.A Life Cycle of A Frog Nomenclature Cards Z35.01 Life Cycle of a Mealworm Nomenclature Cards Z35.A Life Cycle of a Mealworm Cards
Z36.01 Life Cycle of a Praying Mantis Nomenclature Cards Z36.A Life Cycle of a Praying Mantis Cards Z53.01 Life Cycle of A Chicken Nomenclature Cards
Z53.A Life Cycle of A Chicken Z62 Animal Track Nomenclature Cards Z74.01 Life Cycle of a Silk Worm Cards
Z74.A Life Cycle of a Silk Worm Nomenclature Cards Z92.01 Life Cycle of a Bee Nomenclature Cards (Printed) Z92.A Life Cycle of A Bee
Z93.01 Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle Nomenclature Cards (Printed) Z93.A Life Cycle of A Sea Turtle Z94.01 Life Cycle of a Penguin Nomenclature Cards (Printed)
Z94.A Life Cycle of A Penguin
PG01.B Puzzle Maps Cabinet (Premium Quality) PG02 Puzzle Map of the World (Premium Quality) PG02.L Map of the World Control Chart (Premium Quality)
PG02.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of the World (Premium Quality) PG03 Puzzle Map of Asia (Premium Quality) PG03.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of Asia (Premium Quality)
PG03.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of Asia (Premium Quality) PG04 Puzzle Map of Europe (Premium Quality) PG04.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of Europe (Premium Quality)
PG04.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of Europe (Premium Quality) PG05 Puzzle Map of North America (Premium Quality) PG05.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of North America
PG05.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of North America (Premium Quality) PG06 Puzzle Map of South America (Premium Quality) PG06.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of South America
PG06.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of South America (Premium Quality) PG07 Puzzle Map of Australia (Premium Quality) PG07.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of Australia
PG07.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of Australia (Premium Quality) PG08 Puzzle Map of Africa (Premium Quality) PG08.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of Africa
PG08.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of Africa (Premium Quality) PG09 Puzzle Map of USA (Premium Quality) PG09.L Labeled Control Chart for Map of USA (Premium Quality)
PG09.UL Unlabeled Control Chart for Map of USA (Premium Quality) PG15 Sandpaper Globe of Land & Water (Premium Quality) PG16 Globe of the World (Premium Quality)
PG96 Wooden Land & Water Form Trays with Cabinets (Complete Set)
Printed Geography:
BA02.01 Grassland Animals Nomenclature Cards BA03.01 Mountain Animals Nomenclature Cards BA04.01 Ocean Animals Nomenclature Cards
BA05.01 Polar Region Animals Nomenclature Cards BA06.01 Rainforest Animals Nomenclature Cards BA07.01 Temperate Forest Animals Nomenclature Cards
G01.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of the World G02.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of North America G03.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of South America
G04.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of Africa G05.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of Asia G06.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of Europe
G07.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of USA G08.03 Labels for Puzzle Map of North Australia BA01.01 Desert Animals Nomenclature Cards
G112.01 Parts of a Flag Nomenclature Cards BA08.01 Wetland Animals Nomenclature Cards G12.01 Land and Water Forms Nomenclature Cards
G42 Flags of the World Nomenclature Cards G77.01 Animals of Africa Nomenclature Cards G78.01 Animals of Antarctica Nomenclature Cards
G79.01 Animals of Asia Nomenclature Cards G80.01 Animals of Australia Nomenclature Cards G81.01 Animals of Europe Nomenclature Cards
G82.01 Animals of North America Nomenclature Cards G83.01 Animals of South America Nomenclature Cards G118 Directions on a Compass
E24 Motorized Solar System SC04 Oral Hygiene Model SC46 True to Life Human X-Rays
ST13.TT ST13.TT Human Anatomy Stamps: Toddler's Teeth
Printed Science Files:
SC340 Classification of Plants & Animals Nomenclature Cards SC344 Metal Plants Nomenclature Cards SC382 Mollusks Nomenclature Cards
SC345 Types of Vegetables Nomenclature Cards SC151.01 Types of Leaves Nomenclature Cards SC50.01 Parts of a Human Skeleton
SC132 Metal Major Organs Nomenclature Cards SC188.01 Parts of a Human Brain SC189.01 Parts of a Human Heart
SC339 Animals Nomenclature Cards SC375 Amphibians Nomenclature Cards SC381 Insect Nomenclature Cards
SC377 Reptiles Nomenclature Cards SC378 Mammals Nomenclature Cards SC379 Birds Nomenclature Cards
Practical Life:
PM37 Three Wooden Trays P45 Clay Hammering Exercise PA08 Graded Bold Board
P266 Let's Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop PP01 Snapping Frame (Premium Quality) PP02 Large Button Frame (Premium Quality)
PP03 Hook and Eye Frame (Premium Quality) PP04 Bow Tying Frame (Premium Quality) PP05 Lacing Frame (Premium Quality)
PP06 Metal Fraction Circles with Stands PP07 Small Button Frame (Premium Quality) PP08 Zipper Frame (Premium Quality)
PP09 Safety Pin Frame (Premium Quality) PP10 Shoe Lace Frame (Premium Quality) PP11 Velcro Frame (Premium Quality)
PP12 Bag Clipping Frame (Premium Quality) PP14 Dressing Frames Stand (Premium Quality)
F174 Cabinet for Green Language Series
BK39 Sensorial Activities Book

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