Upper Elementary Classroom (9-12) - Printed Curriculum & Premium Quality Material
Upper Elementary Classroom (6-9) - Printed Curriculum & Premium Quality Material

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Recommended Age Group: 9-12
Made in Sri Lanka.
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Product Description

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Updated: February, 2020

Package comes with:


Sentence Analysis: First Chart & Box PL30 Sentence Analysis Chart PL31 Set of Arrows and Circles for Sentence Analysis
L12 Advanced Plastic Grammar Symbols
Printed Language:
L107 Word Mechanics
L261 Verb Tenses Review L273 Verb Conjugation 9-12 (Printed)
L443 Sentence Analysis (9-12) Sentence Analysis (9-12)
Mathematics & Geometry:
M29-5 Large Fraction Skittles (Set Of 5) M100 Algebraic (Square Root) Pegs PM01 Binomial Cube (Premium Quality)
PM02 Trinomial Cube (Premium Quality) PM34 Cut Out Fraction Labels (1-10) (Premium Quality) PM15 Cut Out Fraction Labels (12-24) (Premium Quality)
M135 Equivalent Figure Material M145 Theorem of Pythagoras PM04.A Algebraic Trinomial Cube (Premium Quality)
PM42 Fraction Circles (Premium Quality) PM43 Fraction Squares (Premium Quality) PM55 Banker Game (Premium Quality)
PM58 Cubing Material (Premium Quality) PM59 Colored Counting Bars (Premium Quality) PM60 Flat Bead Frame (Premium Quality)
PM61 Numbers with Symbols (Premium Quality) PM62 Small Square Root Board (Premium Quality) PM64 Checker Board Beads (Premium Quality)
PM65 Checker Board Number Tiles w/ Box (Premium Quality) PM66 Five Yellow Prisms for Volume (Premium Quality) PM67 Yellow Triangles for Area (Premium Quality)
PM68 Long Division Material (Premium Quality) PM72 Power of Two Cube (Premium Quality) PM72.A Power of Three Cube (Premium Quality)
PM73 Volume Box with 250 Cubes (Premium Quality) PM78 Felt Decimal Checker Board (Premium Quality) PM82 Decimal Fraction Board & Exercise (Premium Quality)
PM97 Algebraic (Square Root) Peg Board (Premium Quality) PM98 Algebraic (Square Root) Pegs (Premium Quality) PM99 Multi-Base Bead Frame
PM177 Geometric stick Material and Cork Board (Premium Quality) PS06 Constructive Triangles (Premium Quality) PM74 Volume Box With 1000 Cubes (Premium Quality)
M525 Guide Squares for Squaring and Square-Rooting M200 Stand for Height PM57 Decanomial Bead Box (Premium Quality)
PM83 Elementary Geometric Solids (Premium Quality) PM26.D Elementary Negative Snake Game (Premium Quality) M495 Fraction Cabinet for Metal Materials
Printed Mathematics Files
M263 Measurement Curriculum Level 6-12 M30.01 Adding Fractions: Common Denominators M30.02 Subtracting Fractions: Common Denominators
M30.03 Adding Fractions: Unlike Denominators M30.04 Subtraction Fractions: Unlike Denominators M30.05 Adding Mixed Fractions
M30.06 Multiplyig Fractions M30.07 Dividing Fractions M467 Decimal Task Cards (Printed)
M468 Decimal Board Activity Set (Printed)
Printed Science Files:
SC134 The Five Kingdoms Chart w/ Cards SC136 Protists Kingdom Chart w/ Cards SC137 Fungus Kingdom Chart w/ Cards
SC138 Plant Kingdom Chart w/ Cards SC139 Animal Kingdom Chart w/Cards - Invertebrates SC147 Prokaryotes Kingdom Chart w/ Cards
SC148 The Three Domains Chart SC149 The Six Kingdoms Chart w/Cards SC352 Animal Kingdom Chart with Cards: Vertebrates
History Materials:
TL03.SET Timeline of Ancient Civilizations Complete Set TL04.SET Timeline of American History Complete Set TL06.SET Timeline of Astronomy Complete Set
TL07.SET Timeline of Native American History Complete Set TL08 Human Migration Chart TL17 BCE/CE Timeline
TL26.SET Timeline of Hominids Complete Set TL27 Hand Chart
Geography Materials:
G184.02 Geography Nomenclature Cards G124 Geography Impressionistic Charts

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