Here are some of the positive feed backs that we have received from our valuable customers over the past years.

As Detroit Public Schools Community District embarks on this pioneering journey to bring Montessori classrooms to the children of Detroit, Alison's Montessori has been instrumental in providing beyond excellent, timely customer service, and well made quality materials that are exquisite and aesthetically pleasing. They lead the way in providing exceptional Montessori materials for a fair cost. It has been a pleasure working with Alison's Montessori and we look forward to a continued relationship.

Nicola Turner
Director, Detroit Public Montessori

Dear Staff of Alison'€™s Montessori Trading, I wish to take this moment to say grateful thanks for the care and dignity you exercised in packing all the Montessori materials we received. As I opened each item, I could feel the pride you take in your work. It was such a calming effect opening each item. Normally children opening packages or wrapped gifts would just tear through them. I was overwhelmed with emotions as I watched the children gently, I mean gently open each tissue wrapped item, taking care not to rip the paper. It such a sincere spirit of calm, grace and harmony that was in the environment. We didn’t tell the children how to unwrap any of the item, they, like us, the adults, without a word to each other, experienced a special calmness.

I have ordered from many vendors over the years, and have never, ever, received any order that came with the grace, dignity and respect in the way you prepared and packaged our order.

Thank you so much for your “Premium” thoughts of us because that is exactly how we felt opening each package.

May God bless each of you with a special blessing.

Ms. Archer, Staff, and the children of Seaview Village Montessori.

We have used Alison’s Montessori products for 7 years. We have purchased everything from 6 classrooms of materials at one time to small items and have found them delightful to work with every time. If we did have a problem or materials broke before their time, they were easily replaced. We ordered some of the work as premium quality and others not premium. There is definitely a difference between these levels of material but all have lasted well.

We have been highly satisfied with both Alison’s materials and customer service. They are responsive to questions and needs. This company sells great products at great prices.

Alicia Marker

Head of School

School in the Hills


January 16, 2014

Thank you for providing high quality products at reasonable prices. Everything we have purchased from you looks beautiful in the classrooms. I always purchase the Premium Quality and I am never disappointed.

However, while the products are very good, the number one reason Alison's has become my number one source for all things Montessori is because of the customer service. Whether I am calling with a question (such as the time I called to verify the color of the Golden Beads) or if I incorrectly placed my order, each person I speak with is knowledgable and takes the time to answer my question. Returns, while rare, have been extremely easy. My orders arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

Overall, you have built a great company. Thank you for your excellent service!

With peace and respect,

Denise Harold, Director

Johns Creek Montessori School of Georgia


Good afternoon!

With my school now open for 2 weeks, I can take a breath and write a little note. First, I'd like to say, thank you! Each and every person I've worked with at your company have been nice, patient, professional, knowledgeable and just..... cared. This was a wonderful experience - excellent customer service is important to me and I feel that excellent customer service is scarce to find these days, so I'm glad to have worked with you.

Khurram and team! You are awesome! Thank you for the long talks, staying late, and staying over the weekends to full fill my order in time. You all are the best! Each person who has visited my school talks highly about the high quality of materials. THANK YOU AGAIN, FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kareema Martinez

Esteem Me - MCP

Cary, NC

"Our new Montessori school in NC has purchased the bulk of our Montessori Materials for our classrooms, two years in a row, from Alison's Montessori. There is a reason we keep coming back! Khuram, the owner, is incredibly concerned about the quality of his products and the satisfaction of his customers. Khuram has bent over backwards not only to make sure we have what we need but to also make sure our school is 100 percent satisfied with the company's products. If there was ever a problem with a material, he would happily exchange it with no questions asked. You will not find this kind of customer service with other Montessori companies!!! When ordering hundreds of tiny materials, something is bound to be damaged in shipping, yet I ALWAYS let out a sigh of relief if I see that a damaged material is from Alisons because I am confident it will be taken care of both quickly and efficiently. Alison's Montessori is trustworthy and reliable. You can not say that about many companies these days. There is a high level of trust between our school and Alison's Montessori, and Khuram (and his team) have proved themselves to us for two years in a row. We are incredibly confident in their service, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with them. With no reservations I can say, we HIGHLY recommend this company and their products. Without hesitation, our school will continue buying from Alison's Montessori as we expand our school and build more classrooms."

Kari Breed

Assistant Principal

Oak City Academy

Raleigh, NC

Dear Alison's Montessori,

I bought all of our Montessori material from Alison’s Montessori for the first time, and I am extremely impressed with the quality, the customer service, and the affordable prices. I have purchased material elsewhere, and I can definitely see the difference in the quality, color, and texture. The customer service was just excellent. The team at Alison’s Montessori worked with me and helped us set up four classrooms. They were patient and kind with all of the modifications and additions that were made to the large order. Because the material is of such high quality, the classrooms look beautiful and appealing to the eye. I recommend Alison’s Montessori to everyone, because of their quality and customer service. Going forth, Learn and Play Montessori School will only purchase from Alison’s Montessori. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I will not shop anywhere else. Thank you again for all your help, guidance, and support through this
entire process.

Learn and Play Montessori School

Dear Alison's Montessori,

I just wanted to thank you for such a pleasant experience ordering from you. After inadvertently ordering the wrong item, I was so pleased and amazed at how kind and helpful you were to help fix my mistake. I appreciate your concern for my child's learning and just the pleasant customer service. I have already recommended you to several friends and I will continue to do so. And I will also look to you for all of my Montessori needs.

Thank you so much,

Alissa L.

I have found a company that I LOVE!! I need to tell the Montessori world about Alison's Montessori. Working with Alison's Montessori all summer to preview materials, work through material orders and finally receive the materials has been great. The customer service is unreal, always speaking to an actual person, which is unheard of in this world. The family owners always welcome feedback and support the buyer in their classroom orders. The Montessori materials are beautiful! Thank you Alison's !! I look forward to working with you as I grow HTM.

Kate Riley,

Holy Trinity Montessori

Dear Khurram,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much SterlingMontessori loves doing business with you. Not only because your materials are beautiful, or that they are always shipped in a timely manner, but more importantly because you are just a pleasure to work with. Over the years we have built a strong business relationship as well as a strong extended family bond!

Thank you for ALL you do!


Elaine Mongno

Sterling Montessori

Morrisville, NC

Oh, what to say this time! I just received my large order of toddler items for my new class. I love all the items. They are just beautiful as usual and the shipping was very fast. I have searched for many outlets of Montessori items and the price, quality and service I have found can not be beat! My new infant and toddlers will have a beautiful work room to grow and develop in thanks to Alison's Montessori. I have ordered many things in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I tell all about you. In fact, I gift each parent in my Montessori based infant and toddler care program with your catalogs. My wish is that every child could have access to such beautiful things to work with. Thank you again for all the wonderful service and beautifully made products.


Michelle Seay
Nurturing Development
Infant and Toddler Care
Wauankee, WI

Dear Khurram,

Firstly I want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with Alison’s Montessori.

The quality of your products meet and exceed our expectations. Alison’s is offering such a range of materials from toddlers to upper elementary that we rarely have to shop anywhere else. Your customer service is impeccable and your prices are fabulous which allows our school to buy more for our students. For this we thank you! I also love that you take the time to ask your customers for feedback and actually use our opinions when adjusting your product line.

I tell everyone I come in contact with in the Montessori world how thrilled I am with Alison’s.... The quality of your products, along with your quick shipping and attention to customer service is unbeatable. If you ever have a customer who would like to see your materials in action or speak to myself or the teachers who use your materials on a daily basis, please forward them my information. I would be honored to talk to them.

Thank Again for all your hard work!

Best Regards,

Marci Martindale

Head of School

The Children’s Tree Montessori School

Old Saybrook, CT

Alison’s Montessori is an ongoing supporter of The Olive Branch for Children, Tanzania, Africa, in its mission to develop Montessori Primary schools in remote regions of the country.Alison’s Montessori has generously donated hundreds of dollars of quality Montessori material to teacher volunteers, like us, who are assisting in developing these schools.Khurram’s high quality materials are giving a lifelong gift to hundreds of children – the gift of a Montessori education.The materials will allow these children to have a greater chance of continuing on to higher educational levels and securing better paying jobs as adults.We would not be able to do the work we are doing without the generous support and donations of Alison’s Montessori.We can’t thank Khurram enough!

Pam Leudke & Jamie Rossiter

Canadian Montessori teachers

We recently purchased 6 classrooms from Alison's Montessori, and we could not be happier with the products, price and the customer service that we received from the staff at Alison's Montessori. We received our shipment in time (May 2009), which gave us plenty of time to set up our classrooms before school started in the Summer.

We received free shipping along with some free materials, which made it an even better experience shopping with Alison's Montessori. Our staff is thrilled at the quality of the materials, and we could not be happier with our decision to go with Alison's Montessori.

Khurram is easy to work with, and handled our order with due diligence and kept us informed of the the shipping and delivery date. The staff at Preston Park Montessori Academy looks forward to ordering from Alison's again and again...

Poonam Jindal

Hi Khurram, 

I just received the second of my two packages. As always the materials are lovely. Now .. what to order next?
Thanks so much for your quality materials and prompt service.

Norine (Newfoundland, Canada)


I handed out all of the catalogs to parents interested in purchasing and hope
that it will result in sales for you. I love your materials and think your
customer service is excellent!

Thanks again,

Michelle Seay
Nurturing Development
Infant and Toddler Care

Dear Khurram,

Your order arrived last Tuesday; I wanted to thank you for your service, it did arrive the time of day that you estimated: It usually doesn't happen with our other orders. I wanted to thank you for your courtesy and professional attitude and business like manner.

Kevin Darby

Head Custodian

Guinyard Elementary School

Dear Khurram and Michelle,

Alicia and I wanted to thank you for all of your help.It was quite a challenge opening School in the Hills on time. Finding the right Montessori materials at the right price was one of the challenges. After meeting a number of suppliers at the national convention for the

Montessori Society, we focused our attention on Alison’s. It is not a coincidence that your booth had the longest lines at the exhibition.

Your products offer the right balance between price and quality for us. We also appreciate the time you spent helping us through the process. It made the choice of Alison’s easy. The time you spent to understand our objectives helped us get the right materials for the school.

Ultimately, all of this effort led to the purchase of six classrooms of material. The materials are beautiful.


Daniel Marker

I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with the product quality, price and customer service at Alison's Montessori. I am the owner/director of a new and very small Montessori program in Maryland and have used your products to furnish my classroom. I have made multiple orders and each time the shipment has been extremely fast and the customer service has been superb. I wanted to let you know that it is appreciated.We won't order from any other source as the school grows and expands.


Kim Lowry

Owner/Director, Campbell-Bethesda Young Children's House

It has been a pleasure from the beginning dealing with Alison’s Montessori. Being a first time school owner, I was very nervous about making the choices of where to obtain all the Montessori Materials for my school. Excellent quality items, topped with excellent customer service, I now have 3 beautiful >and well-equipped classrooms which thrilled our students to bits each day. I cannot wait to complete my other classrooms. Khurram, you have been a blessing.

Thank you for all your patience and guidance! You are awesome!

Thank you.

Shima Daniels

I have loved working with Alison’s Montessori from the very beginning. The customer service has and always has been top notch. Whatever I needed, I was helped immediately. I never had to leave a message or was put on hold to speak to someone. The quality of the products has been outstanding. We have a beautiful homeschool classroom full of Montessori manipulatives, and not only is it beautiful, it’s reliable. Alison’s has been very reasonable in price, and helpful in combining different level classroom manipulatives that I was in need of. I would recommend to all who are interested in purchasing Montessori products to work with Alison’s. You will receive amazing customer service and wonderful products. After researching many websites and companies, this was by far the best choice I made in my journey with Montessori.
Thanks for everything!

Cynthia Olson

Thanks so much for the great service and prompt delivery. I placed the orders on Monday and my daughter was able to open them as birthday gifts on Wednesday afternoon. She was very excited and loved everything.

Thanks Again,

Lenora Adams

Hello Khurram,

I spent the last couple of days going over the items that we purchased. You were so helpful and it was a pleasure meeting you. The book you gave me is also very good and has been a huge help so far. I Just wanted to say thanks for everything, and I look forward to doing business with you again.



Alison's Montessori, has great prices and the quality is very good. You can find
a full complement of wooden Montessori materials at their website.

-Posted by Lori, Montessori For EveryoneBlog

I bought 3 items from Alison's montessori and the quality is excellent.

-Posted by Pattyannie on teachers.net forums

Excellent quality and great prices on traditional Montessori materials!


Thanks so much for the great products! I just received a package of goodies today that I had ordered for my two kidos (20 months and 10 months), and was delighted. I also really appreciate the color box you included. I can't wait to start presenting some of this to them!


Thank you for affordable Montessori Materials! You're products are great, I look forward to more purchases!

-AA (AMI trained, homeschool mom)

05/05/07 ...We appreciate your wonderful company and personal service!! AL

05/07/07 Thanks so much for your promptness - we can always count on you! My teachers love their new materials! HB (CMA)