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Montessori Sensorial Materials
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Spare Parts Kit Spare Parts Kit (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PF06

Price: $66.00
Pink Tower Pink Tower (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS02

Price: $122.00
Pink Tower Set (Premium Quality) Pink Tower Set (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS02.SET

Price: $193.50
Stand for Pink Tower (Premium Quality) Stand for the Pink Tower (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS02.C

Price: $28.50
White Stand for Pink Tower White Stand for Pink Tower

Product Code: PS02.D

Price: $28.50
Broad/ Brown Stairs (Premium Quality) Broad/Brown Stairs (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS03

Price: $158.50
Broad/Brown Stairs Set (Premium Quality) Broad/Brown Stairs Set (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS03.SET

Price: $169.50
Natural Finish Tower (new) Natural Color Tower (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS02.N

Price: $95.50
Natural Brown Stairs (Premium Quality) Natural Brown Stairs (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS03.N

Price: $146.00
Premium Quality Natural Rods Natural Rods (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS04.A

Price: $95.50
Knobless Cylinders (Premium Quality) Knobless Cylinders (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS05

Price: $184.00
Knobbed Cylinder Blocks Knobbed Cylinder Blocks (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS01

Price: $278.00
Knobbed Cylinder Blocks Set (Premium Quality) Knobbed Cylinder Blocks Set (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS01.SET

Price: $298.00
Color Box 1 (Premium Quality) Color Box 1 (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS09

Price: $27.50
Color Box 2 (Premium Quality) Color Box 2 (Premium Quality)

Product Code:  PS10

Price: $55.00
Color Box 3 (Premium Quality) Color Box 3 (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS11

Price: $146.00
Color Box 4 (Premium Quality) Color Box 4 (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS12

Price: $135.50
Rough and Smooth Board (Premium Quality) Rough and Smooth Boards (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS08

Price: $53.50
Grading Tablets (Premium Quality) Grading Tablets (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS13

Price: $61.00
Baric Tablets (Premium Quality) Baric Tablets (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS16

Price: $64.00
Thermic Tablets (Premium Quality) Thermic Tablets (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS16.A

Price: $58.00
Tray for Baric Tablet Tray for Baric Tablets (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS16.T

Price: $16.00
Sound Cylinders (Premium Quality) Sound Cylinders (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS14

Price: $100.00
Pressure Cylinders (Premium Quality) Pressure Cylinders (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS26

Price: $93.50
Smelling Bottles (Premium Quality) Smelling Bottles (Premium Quality)

Product Code: PS27

Price: $73.50
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Sensorial Materials

Perhaps the most recognizable Montessori materials in a Montessori school are found on the Montessori sensorial shelf area. The Pink Tower is one such Montessori sensorial material (iconic enough to appear on the logos of many Montessori schools), as is the Brown (or Broad) Stair, and the Number Rods. A common observation of nearly all parents of 3- and 4-year-olds is the tendency to “order” objects. Give a child of this age a collection of stuffed animals, and more often than not he or she will line them up from tallest to smallest. The Primary-age child possesses a developmental need, a strong need, to engage in sensory play, discriminating form and dimension. Montessori sensorial activities provide ample opportunity to satisfy. Nearly any quality that CAN be ordered is represented. Along with the aforementioned Pink Tower and Broad Stair, the Grading Tablets, Color Boxes, and Knobless Cylinders all fill this developmental need. Also present among Montessori classroom sensory materials are the Touch Boards with different surfaces, from rough to smooth, as are Baric tablets of different weights and cylinders with small button plungers that are increasingly difficult to push down (they are ordered by pressure). Montessori sensorial extensions include even thermic cylinders into which the teacher places ice or lukewarm or hot water. The young child thrives working with these Montessori sensory learning materials, because they are precisely the activities children of this age need and desire. The developmental need for the sensorial materials is present at ages 3 to 6. These Montessori sensory learning materials, comprising sensorial education in Montessori are usually limited to children under the age of seven, but they serve as an elegant indirect preparation for math, the essence of which is discrimination of size (arithmetic) and shape (geometry).