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Alison's Trading Corp., DBA - Alison's Montessori and Educational Materials, the aim is to offer a wide range of comprehensive learning materials that will enrich any classroom or homeschooling environment. Our extensive product line will nurture a child's ability to absorb information and work to his full potential. We source some of the best quality Montessori materials for students, trainers, teachers, and parents alike. We serve to heighten the value of Montessori education by selling products that support and improve the quality of instruction in different areas of learning. We pledge to foster originality, imagination, and inspiration in children through the use of education.


Alison's Montessori and Educational Materials was established in 2006 with the hopes of developing a better quality of materials for Montessori consumers and retailers. The company started off with only a few of the core Montessori materials; today, Alison's Montessori is a commercial success both inside and outside the Montessori community, with a global audience and a vast line of over 8,000 products. As of January 2012, Alison's Montessori acquired the Montessori Workshop, which is a well-known producer in Colombo, Sri Lanka that has been making Montessori materials for 20 years.


The wooden and printed curriculum materials that are made and produced by Alison's Montessori are based on the conventional ideas prevalent in the Montessori method; they are manufactured and printed with a new and improved standard of quality to enhance a child's learning experience. Communicating with certified Montessori teachers and advisors has made it possible to ensure that the materials we create benefit infants, toddlers, and children both academically and physically.

Our Commitment to You

Alison's Montessori realizes the importance of providing our customers with accurate and beautifully designed materials; we recognize the significance of using these materials to aid children in their quest to obtain knowledge in all different areas of study. We have worked hard to ensure that the quality of our products meets your standards and will make sure that it continues to do so in the future.

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