Set of 12 Montessori Albums
Set of 12 Montessori Albums

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Set of 12 Montessori Albums

A set of 12 Montessori-based albums/manuals filled with student presentations/lessons for the 2-6-year-old child. You will receive these albums in PDF format sent directly to your email box:

1. Astronomy
The astronomy album contains 115 pages which include 14 sets of nomenclature cards (which are ready to print, cut out and use) and more than 17 activities! Children realize their relationship to the cosmos by developing a sense of wonder and excitement as these presentations cover everything from making craters on the moon to preparing a picnic in space and building a mini-moon landscape. Introductions to the universe, solar system, and space travel are also covered.

2. Botany
The botany album contains over 400 pages which include 8 sets of nomenclature cards (which are ready to print, cut out and use along with booklets and wall charts) and more than 40 activities! Children are first introduced to the plant kingdom by working with living, non-living, and once-living objects and pictures. The next topics covered are the needs of plants, the classroom environment, indoor plants, outdoor plants, germination of seeds, plants, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, trees, botany cabinet, grasses, spices of the world, plant life habitats, plant ecology, plants as food for our table, and plants for health.

3. Ecology
The ecology album contains 35 pages which include a set of nomenclature cards (which are ready to print, cut out and use ) and more than 15 activities! The children work through presentations that help them develop an awareness that they are the caretakers of Earth. They begin with how to recycle and take care of the sky, ground, and water. They are introduced to erosion and contour farming. Next, the children learn what it takes to take care of wildlife and how everything is connected.

4. Geology
The geology album contains 51 pages which include 33 colored photos and 18 activities. The album presentations help children realize through the study of geology that Earth's past has been recorded in the rocks. Children recognize that there are treasures at their feet and that our planet is in a constant state of change. Activities include how to bring geology into the different areas of the classroom as well as the following: rock art, needs of man - aesthetics, observation of the hardness scale, observation of physical properties, minerals, gems, ore, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, fossils, and layers of the earth.

5. Geography
The geography album contains 177 pages which include nomenclature cards (which are ready to print, cut out and use along with booklets and wall charts) for landforms (island, lake, isthmus, strait, peninsula, gulf, archipelago, system of lakes, cape, and bay). A set of label cards for the directionality activities (north, south, east, west) and more than 45 activities! Children learn to love the land and its people as they progress through the album presentations beginning with an introduction to mapping and then directionality. The next topics covered are the land/air/water, the earth, landforms, geographical maps, specific continents, specific countries, the United States, specific states (United States), and studying landscapes/seascapes/cityscapes.

6. History
The history album contains 88 pages which include 2 sets of nomenclature cards (which are ready to print, cut out and use), 2 sets of label cards, 1 control card, 1 template, and 25 other activities! In order for children to appreciate our past, children need to be introduced to abstract historical concepts at an early age. The history album helps children locate their place in time through presentations that include concrete observation, abstract observation, calendars, clocks, and timelines.

7. Language
The language album contains 514 pages which include templates and examples for initial sounds, pink/blue/green reading schemes, grammar, and writing. There are over 170 presentations. The language materials offered in a Montessori classroom break down the elements of reading. This enables the young child to experience the structure of language in a concrete way. This album gives systematic activities so that the child who can express themselves can analyze the sounds of the language. The child learns that these sounds are represented by symbols. We use these symbols to represent our speech patterns. The album begins with activities that cover preparation for reading and writing. Next are presentations on how to introduce the initial sounds, 2 to 3-letter phonetic words, 3 or more phonetic words, reading (green), grammar, writing letters, and numerals.

8. Mathematics
The mathematics album contains almost 400 pages which include close to 200 presentations. The mathematics materials offered in a Montessori classroom help to awaken mathematical ideas in the young child. This is first experienced through the use of materials in the practical life area of the environment. These activities develop coordination between the brain and the senses. Next, sensorial exercises develop concrete manipulative experiences in discovering perceptual relationships. The mathematics album gives systematic activities so that the young child starts with presentations that prepare them for math. Then they progress to presentations on numeration sets, linear counting, base 10 (decimal system), golden beads, stamp games, and presentations on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As an optional purchase, mathematic support forms are available. These include over 125 forms that support the math album and include beginning activities, mathematical charts, addition forms, subtraction forms, multiplication forms, division forms, colored bead bars, golden beads, stamp games, dot boards, strip boards, tens and teen boards, etc.

9. Practical Life
The practical life album contains 340 pages which include over 150 activities! The practical life album guides the child into how they can take care of themselves and the world around them. These presentations are also important because they prepare the hand so that the child will be able to learn to write and manipulate objects. These presentations include exercises of grace and courtesy, whole hand, wrist turning, three-finger grasp, care of the indoor environment, care of the outdoor environment, care of self, cutting preparation, writing preparation, food preparation, and handwork.

10. Physical Science
The physical science album contains 303 pages which include over 80 activities! The physical science album helps children promote their sense of inquiry. Why, what, when, who, and how are some of the first words that a child learns. These presentations guide a child through experiences that help them define the world around them. The presentations include introductions and activities on matter, liquid, solid, gas, living, non-living, once-living, vertebrates, invertebrates, elasticity, plasticity, rigidity, light - shadows/reflection/refraction, energy, light - working as energy, electricity - working as energy, magnets - working as energy, air - working as energy, water - working as energy, moving air, and water - working as energy, sink and float, sound, gravity, simple machines, friction, wedges, levers, inclined planes, pulleys, wheels and axles, screws, machines as everyday tools.

11. Sensorial
The sensorial album contains 110 pages which include presentations for over 30 different sensorial materials. Each presentation (including the variations and extensions) in the sensorial album helps the child develop their sense of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. These presentations include working with the following materials: Pink Cubes, Brown Quadrilateral Prisms, Red Rods, Knobless Cylinders, Geometric Presentation Tray, Geometry Cabinet and Cards, Geometric Solids and Bases, Tactic and Visual Fabric Boxes, Baric Tablets, Small Hexagon Box, Rectangle Boxes, Knobbed Cylinder Blocks, Thermic Cylinders/Tablets, Sound and Smelling Cylinders, Tasting Bottles, Tactile Boards, Color Boxes, Power of 2, Binomial Cube, Trinomial Cube, Triangle Box Large, and Hexagon Box.

12. Zoology
The zoology album contains almost 800 pages which include 9 sets of nomenclature cards for invertebrates, 5 sets of nomenclature cards for vertebrates, and 8 sets of nomenclature cards for mammals (which are ready to print, cut out and use along with booklets and wall charts). There are also 5 sets of whole cards (colored photos), 6 sets of label cards, and more than 40 activities! Children have a sense of wonder and love for all that is living. They quickly begin to appreciate that the world is full of animals. The child is first introduced to the animal kingdom by sorting them into vertebrates and invertebrates. Then the child is guided through many presentations that help them become aware of animals and their groups, young, gender, voices, feet, tracks, disguises, homes, continents, and terrains. Next, the child is introduced to different invertebrates (phyla) and then to different vertebrates (phyla).

Download the sample contents as a pdf file.

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