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Explore facts about animals, wildlife, and habitats
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Montessori Materials- Alpaca Mare Alpaca Mare

Product Code: FA146

Sale Price: $5.84
Wildlife Hyena Wildlife Hyena

Product Code: WL177

Sale Price: $6.64
Wild Animal Stamps Wild Animal Stamps

Product Code: ST18

Sale Price: $15.26
Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin

Product Code: WL022

Sale Price: $3.96
Female Cheetah Cheetah Female

Product Code: WL03

Sale Price: $5.87
Asian Elephant Calf Asian Elephant Calf

Product Code: WL196

Sale Price: $4.19
Asian Elephant Female Asian Elephant Female

Product Code: WL198

Sale Price: $6.62
Female Giraffe Giraffe Female

Product Code: WL11

Sale Price: $6.84
Male Giraffe Eating Giraffe Male Eating

Product Code: WL13

Sale Price: $6.84
Montessori Materials-White Alligator White Alligator

Product Code: WL143

Sale Price: $6.64
Montessori Materials- Lowland Gorilla Baby Lowland Gorilla Baby

Product Code: WL144

Sale Price: $3.79
Montessori Materials-Capybara Capybara

Product Code: WL149

Sale Price: $4.04
Grizzly Bear Cub Grizzly Bear Cub

Product Code: WL188

Sale Price: $5.87
Montessori Materials-Alligator Alligator

Product Code: WL156

Sale Price: $6.64
Montessori Materials-North American Wildlife Reindeer North American Wildlife Reindeer

Product Code: WL158

Sale Price: $4.74
Montessori Materials-Spider Monkey Spider Monkey

Product Code: WL161

Sale Price: $3.79
Montessori Materials-Orangutan Female with baby Orangutan Female with baby

Product Code: WL162

Sale Price: $6.17
Ostrich Ostrich

Product Code: WL17

Sale Price: $4.30
Montessori Materials- Stork Stork

Product Code: WL171

Sale Price: $5.84
Montessori Materials- Skunk Skunk

Product Code: WL173

Sale Price: $2.69
Montessori Materials- Koala Bear with Cub Koala Bear with Cub

Product Code: WL185

Sale Price: $5.40
Montessori Materials- White Swan with Cygnets White Swan with Cygnets

Product Code: WL186

Sale Price: $4.86
Montessori Materials- Badger Cubs Badger Cubs

Product Code: WL174

Sale Price: $4.49
Cheetah Cub Cheetah Cub

Product Code: WL19

Sale Price: $2.74
Panda Cub Panda Cub

Product Code: WL20

Sale Price: $2.74
Two-Humped Camel Two-Humped Camel

Product Code: WL23

Sale Price: $6.84
Leopard Leopard

Product Code: WL26

Sale Price: $5.87
Meerkat Sitting Meerkat Sitting

Product Code: WL28

Sale Price: $2.74
Meerkat Standing Meerkat Standing

Product Code: WL29

Sale Price: $2.74
Lion Lion

Product Code: WL30

Sale Price: $5.87
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