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Infant & Toddler Products Under $20

Welcome to our Infant & Toddler products under $20! We have a wide range of products for infants & toddlers which help them in learning and developing their movement skills (Fine Motor & Gross Motor) and sensorimotor skills (Auditory, Tactile, Hand Eye Coordination and Visual). Apart from this, don't miss out on our complete classroom packages and in stock furnitures!

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Fraction Blocks Fraction Blocks

Product Code: i611

Sale Price: $13.50
First Shape Sorter First Shape Sorter

Product Code: i619

Sale Price: $13.50
Stacking Game Stacking Game

Product Code: i588

Sale Price: $9.50
Spinning Tops Spinning Tops

Product Code: i589

Sale Price: $9.50
First Stacking Ring First Stacking Ring

Product Code: i590

Sale Price: $13.50
Construction Set Construction Set

Product Code: i595

Sale Price: $9.50
Montessori Big Nose Pet PuzzleBig Nose Pet Puzzle Big Nose Pet Puzzle

Product Code: i597

Price: $9.99
Nesting Cylinders Nesting Cylinders

Product Code: i605

Sale Price: $13.50
Jumping Frog Jumping Frog

Product Code: i608

Sale Price: $18.00
Hopping Rabbit Hopping Rabbit

Product Code: i610

Sale Price: $18.00
Bear Bear

Product Code: i613

Sale Price: $16.20
Penguin Penguin

Product Code: i614

Sale Price: $10.80
Ring Rattle Ring Rattle

Product Code: i616

Sale Price: $13.50
Beads Rattle Beads Rattle

Product Code: i617

Sale Price: $13.50
Beeping Ball Beeping Ball

Product Code: i618

Sale Price: $13.50
Sensory Blocks Sensory Blocks

Product Code: i621

Sale Price: $18.00
Car Car

Product Code: i623

Sale Price: $16.20
Clapping Roller Clapping Roller

Product Code: i624

Sale Price: $13.50
Peek-a-boo Roller Peek-a-boo Roller

Product Code: i625

Sale Price: $13.50
Key Rattle Key Rattle

Product Code: i626

Sale Price: $13.50
Bell Rattle Bell Rattle

Product Code: i627

Sale Price: $13.50
Mirror Baby Book Mirror Baby Book

Product Code: i629

Sale Price: $18.00
Baby Chain Baby Chain

Product Code: i630

Sale Price: $13.50
Baby Key Rattle Baby Key Rattle

Product Code: i631

Sale Price: $13.50
Shape Sorter Shape Sorter

Product Code: i633

Sale Price: $13.50
Clutching Toy Color Mikado Clutching Toy Color Mikado

Product Code: i634

Sale Price: $11.79
Stack & Learn Blocks Stack & Learn Blocks

Product Code: i635

Sale Price: $11.70
Rainbow Rocket Rainbow Rocket

Product Code: i636

Sale Price: $19.80
Perfect Pairs Perfect Pairs

Product Code: i637

Sale Price: $18.00
On the Farm Stacking Cubes On the Farm Stacking Cubes

Product Code: i638

Sale Price: $13.49
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